What local bay area companies offer regular delivery services?
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I enjoy my CSA immensely, especially the delivery aspect. What other (local) food and products can I subscribe to in the Bay Area?

A few months ago I signed up for a community supported agriculture share, which is delivered weekly to my apartment in downtown Oakland. I love the delivery aspect (I don't own a car), and also that they are a local company selling a local product.

This has led me to wonder - what else can I have delivered on a regular schedule? I am interested in local companies, not Amazon toilet paper subscriptions.

Special snowflake details:
-I live alone, but I cook a lot and work from home a fair amount. Small weekly deliveries would be great, or something like monthly for things with larger minimum orders?

-my building is live-work and mostly offices, so I can get away with places that deliver to businesses only

My first thought was coffee, but none of the local roasting places have delivery info on their websites even though I know I've heard of this being an option.
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You can subscribe to Blue Bottle. It is expensive.
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Josey Baker Bread had a bread delivery for a while, and might restart it.
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Rancho Gordo is in Napa and at the Ferry Plaza market. I don't think he has a bean of the month club or anything, but he does do online orders, and his products are lovely.
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Try coffecsa.org. Their coffee is roasted locally; I worked for the co-op that started this site. Organic, shade-grown, tasty, direct-trade, and I'm pretty sure the point of the website is that they deliver.
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Siren SeaSA or a meat share?
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