Microsoft Project: Stop Recalculating My Finish date
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Microsoft Project Filter: Is there any way to tell Project to stop recalculating/updating a task's finish date whenever I modify the task's % Complete column?

I realize that Project is trying to helpful, because essentially it is keeping me honest. For example, if I have a 10 day task, and, after the fifth day, I'm only 25% complete, instead of 50% complete (which is where I should be), Project automatically pushes out the task's finish date accordingly. The problem with this is that, for most of my tasks, I won't complete an even amount of work each day. So, using that same example, if after the fifth day I'm only done with 10% of the work, that's fine, because I'll probably finish the remaining portion over the next five days. There's only a problem if a don't finish 100% of the work by the finish date.

Is there any way to disable this?
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Best answer: This is governed by the Task type, MS Project creates 'Fixed Units' tasks by default, it sounds like you want 'Fixed duration'.
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Response by poster: You rock! This has saved me a lot of headache.
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