LondonFilter: Help me replace the duffle coat my wife made me throw away
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LondonFilter: Looking for a Gloverall duffle coat stockist (dealer) in central London. Any suggestions?

I'll be in London from tomorrow afternoon through Sunday morning for a conference. While there I hope to stop by a shop that stocks Gloverall duffle coats, because my wife made me throw away my ratty, worn 16-year-old Gloverall coat last spring. Their website is useless and a search for Gloverall stockists in London turns up a lot of useless or questionable sites. I can call them when I get there but if anyone has suggestions for places to get their traditional men's duffle coat, please let me know! I'm not necessarily looking for a bargain, but rather for a reliable shop that stocks a range of colors and sizes. Thanks for any help you can give me!
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Selfridges (Marble Arch end of Oxford St) stocks Gloverall coats.
posted by essexjan at 3:26 PM on January 10, 2012

Sorry, Selfridges sell just women's. But there's this store in Shepherds' Bush which has men's.
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@essexjan--thanks! I had seen those via Google but was hoping to avoid a trek out to Shepherd's Bush. Maybe I'll just ring them up and ask.
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John Lewis definitely stocked them last year.

Might not be useful to you, but ASOS have a few on deep discount right now. Unfortunately the Gloverall women's ones make me look like I'm wearing a roll of carpet, though.
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