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Trying to remember the title of a book about...urban football with weapons?

I bought this book as a kid from a library sale. From what i can remember, it takes place in a near-future Los Angeles, where the most popular sport is a game like football that takes place over a few square blocks in the middle of a city. The big twist is that all the players are equipped with weapons, depending on their position (the safety gets a sniper rifle with a single bullet, linemen get a billy club.)

I won't say this book was good, but I'd love to know the title. I think it was written in the late 70's/early 80's.

I want to say it was titled Streetball or Murderball.
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Best answer: Was it Killerbowl by Gary Wolf?
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Best answer: Based on the synopsis I just read (and publication date) I would wager money that dgeiser13 is right and that it's Killerbowl. I'd never heard of it, but it's dirt cheap for the Kindle, so looks like I'll be reading it soon.
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For the record Gary K. Wolf also created Roger Rabbit.
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I remember this! Although I thought it was a 2000AD comic for some reason. Maybe they did a strip 'inspired' by the book.

Ah, here it is - Mean Arena and Harlem Heroes, both of which featured armoured 'streetball' or 'aeroball' players killing each other.
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Response by poster: Ah! So it is. Man, that was a great library sale. Killerbowl and The Forever War for a dime.
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I remember this! Although I thought it was a 2000AD comic for some reason

There was a storyline about that called "Mean Arena." Not sure if it's derivative or not.
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I won't say this book was good

Having read it over a few lunch breaks, I won't either.
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