How can I automatically get Harper's Weekly Review on my kindle?
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How can I automatically get Harper's Weekly Review on my Kindle?

Harper's Weekly Review is sent by email each week, and I would like to read it on my kindle. How can I set this up automatically?

I'm familiar with forwarding text to my Kindle by email, but as I understand it, the text needs to be an attachment. I can use either gmail or Google Apps email accounts to receive the initial message. The Kindle is the latest generation e-ink with a keyboard, 3g, and wifi.
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If you used your Kindle email address to subscribe, wouldn't it automatically send to your Kindle? You can find your Kindle email address under Manage Your Kindle > Personal Document Settings.
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Response by poster: I think the kindle email requires the text to be in an attachment; the Weekly Review email is plaintext. Also, I believe you need to confirm the email. I can't reply from that address.
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Don't know if the right ingredients are there or not, but this sounds like a job for ifttt.
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Best answer: Have your email program auto-forward the Weekly Review to your Instapaper "mail-in" address here. Then, link your Instapaper and Kindle accounts (make sure to have @instapaper added as a trusted email sender on Amazon's site). Have Instapaper send scheduled updates to your free Kindle email address. You should be good to go.
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Calibre will schedule and email to your Kindle from a huge number of news sources and websites. Might be worth a try.
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