Where to find replacement pants?
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A friend of mine tore her favorite pants and I would like to replace them.

They are l.e.i. pants that have a tag with the style # (22a2118) and cut # (725408). The tag on the back says “Exclusive >00/04.” The pants were 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Can I use this information somehow to buy a new pair? Or is my best bet to start searching through secondhand stores?
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I know you're looking for an identical pair of pants, but how bad was that tear. Are you sure that they just can't be fixed by a tailor? Every tailor I've ever been to surprised me with their skill. They can make almost anything happen with clothes. If it's just a seam, take it to a tailor right away. If it isn't, well, mended tears can look pretty cool.

See what the tailor says.
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Even if you don't get the tailor to fix the tear, a seamstress should be able to take the pants apart and copy them exactly. The girls on craftster.org do it all the time.
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