Best wireless cooking thermometer?
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Can anyone recommend a versatile wireless digital cooking thermometer?

I want to use one that has an alarm for when my desired temperature is reached for heating and cooling. For example, if I were to temper chocolate, I would wait for the hot melted liquid to cool to the desired temperature and then hear an alarm.

Likewise, if I were to deep fry, I want to be alerted when the oil is approaching the ideal temperature.

My oven is inaccurate, so I also want the probe to tell me when the correct temperature is reached. I plan on using a binder clip to attach the probe to the rack, so the tip doesn't touch hot metal thereby damaging the sensor.

I'll take one that isn't wireless as a last resort. I don't want the hand probe type.
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What is your limit? I use the following in my grill, and I beat the crap out of it (rain, snow, falling asleep during the Sunday game, etc.):

I also use it in my Thanksgiving Turkey, and it's always turned out great. Usually let the probe soak for a day or two before I wash it too; but again, it's slightly more expensive then normal. Your call.
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Response by poster: Up to about $150US. If I can rely on it time and time again, that's a bargain.
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