How to photograph what a hug feels like
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I would like to photograph what it feels like to be hugged (be the huggee). I'm looking for inspiration. Have you ever seen a photo or film shot that captures this feeling?

I'm hoping this isn't an impossible thing to capture in a photo--what you feel when you're in your mother's/father's grandmother's/grandfather's loving embrace. I'm not looking for anything erotic with this, but more a child's feeling in one of his/her parents'/grandparents' arms. I have a great photo of myself as a child hugging my grandfather's neck and can picture what I saw from my perspective, but the photo itself is from the outside in.

Have you ever seen this done? Of course I don't want to imitate someone else's work, but would really appreciate some imagistic starting points.

Many thanks for your help.
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Best answer: You could check out the nicest place on the Internet. There are even instructions on how to record your own hug!
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you may also want to check out the beginning of the film "love actually", which shows families and people seeing each other and hugging at heathrow airport. according to IMDB:

The airport greeting footage at the beginning and end of the film is real. Richard Curtis had a team of cameramen film at Heathrow airport for a week, and whenever they saw something that would fit in they asked the people involved for permission to use the footage.
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There are lots of "free hugs" videos on the web. The look of someone's face softening as they let their guard down on being hugged by a complete stranger is pretty sweet.
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This photograph by Duane Michals springs to mind.
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...this photo by Edward Weston is what came to me.
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I'm a huge nerd, so this was the first image to come to my mind.
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I had some candlesticks once that were two pieces of clay twining up around each other... that's the closest I can think of to an abstract representation, and makes me realize why I liked them so much. I searched the web and don't see anything similar, but maybe some kind of abstraction like that?

I could see this as being a neat series - what it feels like to dance, what it feels like to sing in a group...
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I am fond of this photo by a friend of mine.
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