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I'm in the market for a quality pair of men's corduroy trousers, hopefully in a forest green-ish shade. I'm not liking the (vintage and Land's End) pairs I'm finding because they feel too much like casual pants: the waistbands are kind of flimsy, they're cut like jeans, etc. Recommend for me please a corduroy trouser around $100 or less with a strong waist.

Bonus points for anything made in the developed world or otherwise exemplifying character. Thanks!
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Brooks Brothers? Jos. A Bank?
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Corduroy trousers *are* casual. That said, they don't have to feel super casual or be cut or designed like jeans. (5-pocket style? No thanks.)

I have a couple pairs of these from LL Bean, and I'm liking them. No green, though.
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These are in your price range, green, not cut like jeans, and made in the USA. However, they are not vertical cords, if that matters to you. Don't know about the waistband, but I've heard good things about the durability of the product in general.
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I have a friend who loves these.
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Best answer: Eddie Bauer? (Good price, too!)
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Incotex and Mabitex are supposed to be at the best value for really nice trousers. You won't get them new for less than $100 but there are seven pairs of Incotex cords on eBay right now, many in your price range. FYI they often fit slim; if possible I'd check measurements against some pants you already own.
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