Fun and free multiplayer games for a newbie?
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My girlfriend wants to play games for our long distance date night. Any free, low learning curve games that Mefites recommend?

She's not much of a gamer, so we need something that is simple, probably on the faster side, and not intimidating. Cooperative play is a nice touch too, but we can play against each other as long as it's still fun.
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Are you playing online? On a PC?
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Portal 2
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Look on OMGPop.
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Minecraft (the free version is fun)
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Response by poster: @dgeiser: We are playing online, both PCs.

@jacalata: If only it were free.

@KP: I'm checking it out, but I'm hoping to segue her into games that are a little more substantial. That's not a bad place to start though...

@samsara: I didn't realize that there was free multiplayer MC. Definitely putting it on the short list.

Thanks all!
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JHarris just wrote a MeFi post on an online boardgame system. That would certainly be slow and could be fun, since you'd talk with eachother about the rules, etc -- VASSAL doesn't do any scorekeeping or rules enforcement, just lets you both share the gameboard and move things. Might not be the easiest thing to get into, but there's certainly potential.
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Response by poster: @adorap: Thank you, I searched for multiplayer and thus yours didn't turn up, but great suggestions there too!

@prefpara: Just about to try it out. Expect flame-mail if the awesome:enraging ratio drops too low :)

@alterscape: Vassal was in the back of my mind, but I've had limited experience and the setup process seemed a little more than Doanlowd-and-install, but I'll check out the games they have available again and see if it's worth the time.
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There are oodles of free-to-play MMOs that might fit the bill--LOTRO leaps to mind. I realize the UI may be complicated to a complete beginner, but this genre of cooperative game has given birth to so many LDRs it seemed worth mentioning.
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Settlers of Catan has a 2 player version called Rivals of Catan that is free and easy to learn.
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Mr. Narrative and I have been playing massive amounts of Glitch together, which is cute and straightforward and, for some, incredibly addictive.
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(If you do want to try Glitch, let me know via memail -- I can hook you up with a couple of invite codes)
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One more for Chess and also look into Go. Neither one takes that long to learn but both will reward you for playing a lot. Plus they are the kind of games that are less immersive and will allow you to actually talk to one another at the same time. Best if you can keep from getting too competitive though.
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Self & gf spent a lot of time on tetrisfriends (battle mode) when we were long-distance...
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This may not exactly fit your criteria, but I did ask a very similar question not too long ago, so here you go. Hopefully you find something that works for you two!
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Steam has a bunch of Free to Play Games.

Co-Optimus has a huge list of Co-Op PC Games.

If you can spare a few bucks Sol Survivor is great fun.
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