which way are fold-over rsvp cards folded?
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We had response cards printed for our wedding invitations. They are the fold-over kind. Only one of the four sides has print: "please rsvp...". The cards are flat and ready to be folder by us for stuffing into the envelope...Which way are the cards folded over? So that the guest can write a reply on the blank inside? Or so that they open the card up to the printed rsvp "M______" text?
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The only one I've gotten recently had the rsvp M_______ on the inside, but I'm not sure about the etiquette of it all.
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The cards my wife and I used for our wedding were pre-scored for folding with the M__________ on the outside.
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"Most response cards are fold over notes so that your guest can write you a personal message if they desire." Which suggests that the printed part goes on the outside.
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Printed outside.
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"Please RSVP"? Please respond please? Sorry, in a nitpicky mood this morning.
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Best answer: DA! I googled for an hour looking for that answer. Thanks DA!

Most annoying answer: LWK! No, they don't actually read "please rsvp". Get some coffee.
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Yeah I know, whine whine whine. Sorry to be annoying. You'd be surprised at how many invites say that though!!
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The most formal response cards don't have any text at all beyond the instructions: "The favor of a reply is requested by [date]." That leaves the response entirely up to the recipient, and is more elegant than an M____ with a check next to it.
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Glad I could be of help. The Google search which proved fruitful was wedding "response cards" "fold over", and the page I linked was about 15th in the results. (Don't feel bad, I'm making it sound easier than it was and it took quite a bit of trial and error to hit on the right combination of terms.)
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