Looking for a replacement pocketknife
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Please recommend an assisted open pocket knife for daily carry.

I saw the two other posts on Ask but they are from 2009 or earlier - there may be new knives on the market now that I should look at.

My Sog Twitch II was recently lost and I want to replace it.

Most common usage for me is opening packages or whatever other random cutting job I encounter during the day. I'm not a tradesman so not really many opportunities for heavy-duty use.

After about 3-4 years of usage, the blade had nicks from occassional wire stripping and was very dull, plus it was a little wiggly in the handle.

I'm pretty abusive to my knife, so something very durable would be nice.

I'd like to replace it with something else in the $50-75 range but I still want to keep the thin profile, easy to remove from the pocket, and fast (assisted) opening. Also it would be nice if it were grey or black, and is somewhat inconspicuous.

I just want a blade, not a multitool or a Swiss Army knife.

I've got my eye on the Ken Onion Blur and the Ken Onion Leek both from Kershaw.

Are there any other recommendations?
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I love my Leek. Small, feels good in the hand, ridiculously sharp out of the box, and lifetime free sharpening from Kershaw. It has a safety to prevent it from opening accidentally in your pocket, although I never use it and it's never started to open on me. Solid knife.

If I didn't carry that, the Benchmade Mini-Griptilian would be my next choice. It's not exactly assisted opening, but you can flick it open without having to manipulate the blade with your thumb.
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I have the Kershaw Skyline and love it. I would call it semi-assisted opening, as it does take the flick of a wrist. It's also very thin.
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I have the Kershaw Scallion and like it very much. (Besides, it comes in rainbow! This was a selling point for me. You, maybe not so much.) My husband has a Leek (in a more manly color).

The spring assist is great. It has opened slightly in my pocket a couple of times.

I didn't know about lifetime free sharpening from Kersahw, but that sounds nice, too.

You might like this one.
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Kershaw Scallion if you want something small and inoffensive; Leek if you can get away with something bigger at work.
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I have a little Gerber Ridge; like this, but without the blade serration. Which wouldn't be a problem, but it seems like the style I have had for years now has fallen out of fashion. I clip it on my right pants pocket and it's always just there to pull out and open with my thumb and index finger. Like you, it's primarily for packages and other wee little tasks during the day.

What I like about it for that, aside from the fact that it's in my hand in a second, is that it's small enough for me to hold in my hand and extend my index finger a half-inch past the tip of the blade. So I can open packages with it that way without extending the cutting surface into the box enough to damage anything.
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My Kershaw Vapor has been super durable. No assisted opening though.

Have you ever looked at the stuff at A.G. Russell? Interesting stuff there.
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My leatherman c33x has stood up to tons of abuse, opens well with a flick of a thumb, and is cheap enough I consider it near-disposable. The one minor issue I've encountered is a slight tendency to open if dropped from a decent height on a hard surface.
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I have both the Kershaw Leek and the Shallot. The leek is an excellent everyday knife, especially if you get the half serrated blade. The Shallot is kinda huge for a non-knife person.
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I've got a Leek, Delica, several SAK's, an Opinel, Douk-Douk and Mini-Griptillian, but they stay at home. 99% of the time I cary either my little Boker Wharcom or its brother Boker Subcom. The straight blade is super easy to sharpen, it cuts fantastically well and it opens just as fast as the Leek (thought with a thumb stud rather than assistedly). Cheap, too!

Not a fan of the Leek, really. Closing it one handed puts your fingers where the blade wants to go, as opposed to the Boker's deep finger choil that makes it almsot impossible to cut yourself closing the knife. Also, the blade itself is a little thin and my first one snapped off the tip when it fell on a wood floor (replaced by Kershaw for free, though). The assisted opening has a downside, too: the first time you reach into your pocket to find that the safety catch slipped and the knife has opened itself up is the last time you'll wear that pair of pants outside the house. ASK ME HOW I KNOW.
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Second place goes to the Delica, FWIW. Out of the box it was the sharpest knife I've ever owned. Fantastically well made and opening it feels just right. Not assisted opening, but it feels SO good. It's just a little bit too scary looking for EDC in my professional life...
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If you're already looking at Kershaws, consider the Chive. It has the smallest profile and for the price, you could buy 2-3 for the same types of jobs.
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spyderco delica. i've been carrying a delica (well, there have been a few) as my regular pocket knife for over 15 years.
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I'd suggest the M2102 from CRKT. I have yet to find an assisted-opening device I like better than the Carson Flipper, and these knives (with the AUS8 steel; avoid the cheaper ones) are nigh-unto indestructible. If you want something smaller, try their LiftOff 2.
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I bought the Ken Onion Blur that you're looking at a little over a year ago and have been happy with it.
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my daily carry knife is the Mercator K55K. It meets all of your criteria except assisted-open (though it opens easily enough with two hands.) It has a riveted steel handle (nothing to come loose), it's very slim, it's black, and it's a lockback. Oh, and it's not very expensive - I got mine from amazon for around $30.

The K55K hasn't changed design in over 100 years, and there's a reason for that.

(note: it has a carbon steel blade. This means it's not stainless. This also means it will take a better edge, easier, and keep it longer than a stainless blade.)

FWIW, I've carried a lot of pocket knives over the years, and I fully expect this to be the last one I buy.
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I'm a huge Benchmade fan. At a minimum check out their product "Search" filters and see if something hits your fancy. My "daily carry" is the serrated version of 710 McHenry & Williams .. and it's super quick to open. Couldn't be happier with it.
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I know you didn't want Swiss army knives ... but please consider: victorinox sentinel or sentinel one hand

Black (matt), easy open, single blade, locking, belt clip ... sounds like your guy!

Why the SAK? ... did you see the lifetime guarantee
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I have carried a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian for some years now.

I hate the big loop on the SpyderCo knives. *shrug* Also, Benchmade will sharpen & overhaul your knife for five bucks: sweet!
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I have a Twitch II and like it quite a bit. Is there a reason you don't want another of the same? It's available in black now.

There's a Benchmade that is essentially a Mini-Grip but in a slightly more stylish package...but unfortunately I don't remember the model #.
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Aha! 707 Sequel.
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