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I got my upper lip threaded. Now my upper lip is covered in ingrown hair bumps. Help me make them go away!

This is so embarrassing. I went in for eyebrow threading, and the lady convinced me to get my upper lip done as well. I figured it couldn't hurt to try it once. Well, it did hurt, both in the literal sense of being super painful and in the figurative sense, because now I have two dozen miniscule zit-like bumps on my lip.

The threading was on Wednesday, and the bumps appeared on Friday. I figured they'd go away pretty quickly, but they're still there.

Guys. What do I do. I look completely ridiculous without makeup, and even with makeup it ain't exactly invisible. Is there any way to fix this? I tried exfoliation and a pore unclogging mask, and they didn't seem to help. Do I just wait it out, or is there some other way to deal with this?
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Over the counter hydrocortisone cream fixed this for me when I had the same problem.
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If you can get your hands on some Tend Skin today, your bumps will be gone by Wednesday. Call around to other salons in your area; that's the only non-Internet type of place I've ever found it for sale. It is, for real, MIRACLE JUICE. It is a bit pricey, but definitely worth it for regular use. If the price gives you pause, call around and see if a friend has any you can borrow. Seriously, MIRACLES.
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For a while, they sold tend skin at sephora. I don't know if they still do.

Also warm/hot compress.
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I had Finipil recommended to me in secret by a waxer whose spa sells products that cost 10x as much. It's truly awesome stuff.

(Meanwhile, resist the urge to try to cover it with makeup. It'll only prolong the healing process). Hang in there!
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You can apparently make your own version of Tend Skin at home--a quick google for "tend skin recipe" turns up a bunch of recipes that seem to be the same: uncoated aspirin, witch hazel, and rubbing alcohol.
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Sephora totally still has TendSkin. I just bought some there!

I would leave it alone for now though -- all the exfoliating and unclogging is probably making it MORE irritated at the moment. But TendSkin is the bomb.
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Bump Patrol aftershave may help. Not super expensive, and it's available at many retailers.

It does wonders for my razor bumps due to ingrown hairs.
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I see you're in NYC--they sell Tend Skin at my Duane Reade, so hopefully it'll be at yours also!
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(It's in a kinda cheesy blue plastic bottle with gold lettering, if you're a visual searcher like me.)
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Tend Skin is awesome. I've also had good luck with the Clinique men's post-shave healer. It's fairly expensive, (~$25) but you can prolly get a sample size at Sephora.
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Anything with 2% salicylic acid! Paula's Choice body lotion (2% salicylic acid works wonders for this sort of thing (acne, keratosis pilaris, ingrown hair, etc.)
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ricky's in NYC also sells tend skin
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I tried the aspirin/witch hazel thing, because I am cheap, and it did seem to make a difference! I am totally willing to admit that this may be due to placebo effect, but still. I'll try it on my legs next time I shave and see if it makes any difference there.
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