Help me put the hop back in my bunny slippers
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How can I best clean my beloved bunny slippers?

I got these bunny slippers as an early Christmas present, and then proceeded to wear them everywhere for the entire weekend because they are awesome and inside I am seven years old. As you can imagine, they're pretty dirty and dingy all over now. How can I restore them to their previous fluffy white state?

Additional info: The sole is rubber ad the footbed is lined with terrycloth. I'm not sure what the white exterior (the part I need to clean most) is made of, but it's nubbly-textured and almost certainly mostly man-made material. The care tag says only, "surface wash only," but wash with what? They're beyond mere spot-cleaning. I actually think soaking them would be fine, too, since the sole is just a sturdy rubber without much structure, but I don't think they'd survive a trip through the washing machine or dryer. I've got Woolite and am willing to purchase other detergents.
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The second link says that they are made of acrylic and polyester (under "materials") so I would think you'd be safe washing them gently by hand in the sink or the bathtub with a bit of regular laundry soap.
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That "surface wash only" might be overkill, or it might be because some things are glued together. Can you see that everything is securely stitched? Does the footbed feel like there might be cardboard in there? I'd start with a good sponging with diluted laundry detergent and escalate only if needed.
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Oh, and they are adorable, I can see why you'd want to be careful.
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