Please suggest some interesting, intelligent (non-wing-nut) conservatives to follow on twitter.
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Please suggest some interesting, intelligent (non-wing-nut) conservatives to follow on twitter.

I'm looking for a focus on business and economics more than social conservatism. Just hoping to balance out my twitter feed a bit.
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A number of these people have twitter feeds. Im not sure if they all do, but they're all worthwhile: Michelle Fields, SE Cupp, Ann Althouse, Glenn Reynolds, all the guys at Reason, Tyler Cowen, the guys who blog at the Volokh Conspiracy, Arnold Kling, etc.
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Second Tyler Cowen. Do you consider libertarians conservatives?
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For this purpose I do consider libertarians conservatives.
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Reihan Salam
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David Frum is a conservative who offers a sane and reasonable alternative point of view, and Frum Forum is also worth checking out from time to time. It avoids the name-calling and craziness, and focuses on policy instead. If you're a lefty, Frum Forum is a great way to avoid the pitfalls of groupthink.
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Dan Drezner blogs about economics for Foreign Policy. He's a Republican and is plugged in to conservative thought, so he follows and retweets the interesting stuff. Also a blog worth reading.
I follow Tyler Cowan too.
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Depending on where you are, there are probably some local think tanks/professors/gadabouts with Twitter feeds. I got randomly friended by one such a year or so ago, and it definitely expanded my circle of political voices in a (mostly) good way.
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Considering what the OP is looking for, suggestions like SE Cupp and Reihan Salam will dissapoint.

For intelligent, conservative business & economics views:

Larry Kudlow
Thomas Sowell
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I would recommend Bruce Bartlett, though he is on Facebook, not Twitter. He was an economic advisor to Reagan, and is an actual Reagan conservative, generally repulsed by most of the current crop of Republicans out there today... though he has good words to say about Huntsman.
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Victor Davis Hanson is a strong conservative, a respected professor and a great writer. Highly recommended, though his stream is mostly links to his articles.
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