Medical Forum recommendtions?
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any recommendations for good forums for doctors , especially places to post interesting/problematic cases and get feedback? It might be that the forum is not restricted to doctors or medical professionals, but should have a high signal to noise ratio, something sadly lacking on most consumer driven medical forums....
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I have no real idea about the quality of the discussion (I learned about the site because I was working on it briefly last year), but OrthoMind is a forum for orthopedic surgeons that seems potentially relevant.
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Sermo is a forum that is limited to physicians; discussion is of good quality. I am not entirely sure of its anonymity, though; I believe posts are visible to industry (pharma, etc)l
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Sermo allows you to sign up with a display alias, although you have to confirm your identity to sign up. Your handle is visible to pharma, but I think your name isn't. B/c of the perceived anonyminity, you get the same kind of bullying and stupid posting behaviors as in lots of message boards. There is still some good discussion though.
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Despite obvious predominance of pre-med, medical student and resident posters, I still like the Student Doctor Network Forums, at least for my specialty.
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