Killing me softly with its song
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What is the name of the piano piece towards the end of Sherlock's A Scandal in Belgravia? (spoilers inside, to describe the piece I'm talking about)

In the scene where the Holmes brothers and Irene Adler face off, and Sherlock Holmes reveals that he knows Adler is attracted to him ("Because I took your pulse" onwards) there is a piano piece that plays through to when he unlocks the phone. What is the name of that piece?

Bonus question: are there any piano pieces that sound similar (emotional, with a climax etc.)?

* Sorry, I can't seem to find a clip of it online, unfortunately.
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Just had a listen on iplayer - but I don't recognise it, alas. It sounds very cohesive with the rest of the music, though, so I think it might be David Arnold's work - there was a soundtrack album of the first season, so it may appear on any second season one they release. There was no license of a recording or piece in the credits that I could see, and it sounded too new to be out of copyright and done in-house.

BREAKING: Just found out ooh! - yes, it was written by Arnold/Price, and check out Price's Facebook on Jan 4th for some good news!
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Good work, cromagnon (love the music too). From the facebook page:

Michael Price - Composer Hi Kirsty - there's a possibility that that cue might be available to download as a bonus track when the Series 1 CD comes out at the end of the month. Fingers crossed! M
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