Name that 80s cartoon
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OldTVShowFilter: A group of real-life young kids are playing in a garage band when they get sucked into their televison and become cartoons. They spend their time in cartoon land trying to get back out.

I have only the haziest childhood recollections of this show, so some of my description may be off. It's from the 80s, and was contemporaneous with both Land of the Lost and Thundercats, as I recall. Can anyone help me out?
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Kidd Video. Recently mentioned here; it's too bad the archive is down at the moment.
posted by Galvatron at 2:50 PM on June 28, 2005

Kidd Video, starring Robbie Rist (aka "Cousin Oliver" from the Brady Bunch).
More info on the Kidd Video fan site.
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Damn, beat me to it.
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Wow, Kidd Video indeed.

I praise your samurai-like AskMeFi skills, Galvatron and waxpancake.
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The entire pilot episode in (gah!) RealVideo format is available for download, along with many other of the show's ending videos.
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Agh... I was so excited to answer this one. Kidd was my very first crush.
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Sounds a little like one of the episodes within John Landis' Twilight Zone movie (1983). Anybody know the Simpsons connection to that episode?
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Funny, I always think of it as Steven Spielberg's Twilight Zone movie (1983).
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For years I wasn't sure if this show actually happened or if I just made it up. Thanks AskMe!
posted by Eamon at 6:57 PM on June 28, 2005

Contemporaneous with "Land Of The Lost?" I thought LoTL was a 70s gig...?
posted by davidmsc at 7:34 PM on June 28, 2005

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