Bollywood music video with men dancing while sitting on the toilets in lockerroom
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looking for a Bollywood music video that has men dancing while sitting in toilet stalls--the camera is moving around in a locker room or similar setting and it pans across the tops of the stalls and in each one a guy is sitting AND dancing on the toilet. i know there are a MILLION Bollywood music videos, so this may be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but perhaps someone out there may recognize this one--it certainly is a bit weirder than most of them. i saw it on a monitor in an Indian restaurant, but the waiter didn't know anything about where to find it.
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Possibly 'All Izz Well' from 3 Idiots? See here. The guys on toilets are at 0:27. I don't watch a ton of Bollywood but this one is recent and AWESOME. Highly recommended.
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Came in to say the exact same thing as 900condiments. Love that movie!!
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this is why i love this site! it is definitely All Izz Well--thanks so much!!
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Yup, 9000condiments has it. :D
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I didn't know about this movie, but was intrigued after watching that video, and just bought myself the DVD! My goodness, Aamir Khan is hot. Thanks for the question!
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