Dream or Reality?
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I had a plausible dream and I wonder if it is real?

While I was napping, I dreamed that I googled the name of a woman artist who made photographs in series, She would photograph a person in a place, then make plaster or clay version of the person and then photograph it in the same place that the person was posed. Then she would make a bronze statue and photograph it in the same place. She had a whole series of such trios of photos.

The only one I can remember is one of a little girl sitting with her legs straight out in front of her on the floor in a train station. Of course, I can't remember the artist's name, although I vaguely think her first name might have been Mary and there was a large book of the photos available. I did a little googling in my awake state and found a flood of bronze statues of the Virgin Mary!

So I am asking y'all, is this just a dream or do any of you know if such an artist and photo series exist?
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I know of a painter that does something similar (taking a picture, painting the people from the picture on the real people, and then taking another picture), but I can't remember the name, sorry...
(I know this doesn't help with your question that much, but if you are interested in that kind of art and someone can remember the name of who I'm talking about, you could check her out)
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I think this is what kitsuloukos is talking about. http://www.geekologie.com/2010/04/real_people_painted_to_look_li.php
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Best answer: It sounds like your subconscious is creating some awesome art. My vote is for you to make these yourself. Perhaps not with bronze at first, but you could certainly make figures with clay! For the record, some of my neatest ideas for photographs came from vivid dreams I had.
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The first comment reminds me of Alexa Meade but her technique really isn't related much to the original question...
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Maybe check your browser history?
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(yep that's it, thank you guys. I know it's not exactly the same thing, but the process struck me as similar (recreating photographs in real life using "classical" mediums), so I thought that's where the inspiration for the dream could've come from.)
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The whole thing sounds a little Griffin and Sabine to me-- not the artwork itself, but the dream.
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Response by poster: I've never seen the photos that kitsuloukos and cali59 refer to. (Cool though.)

dzot, I haven't been browsing any art lately, but that was a good suggestion.
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