Photo donations?
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I have a slew of photographs that I no longer want and would like to donate them if any folks can use them. I have tried art schools, public libraries, CraigsList, etc. to no avail. They are mostly snapshots of scenic views that I can no longer identify. Anyone know of any collage / multimedia artists, or organizations that utilize snapshots and will accept donations? Thanks in advance.
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You could offer them for sale on Etsy for cheap.
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You can always try Freecycle.
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If you don't get other takers, preschools love having neat things to cut up and glue.
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Or elementary schools too. Art classes are always looking for supplies.
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Are they any good aesthetically or historically? Have you any idea at all when or where they were taken? Who took them?
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The Center for Land Use Interpretation or the library associated with a university planning program or institute would appreciate them. If you want some help with this typo of placement, memail me.
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"This typo of placement... heh.
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Sounds like you took them yourself? Scan them, post them on a free hosting site like Flickr or Picasa with Creative Commons tags indicating you give up all rights and discard the originals. The paper versions don't have much more value than common waste paper or discarded magazines.
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If you want to take the time to scan and upload them, the Collage Images flickr group might be a good place to put them.
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Your profile doesn't say where you are, but in Portland, OR, we have SCRAP, which is a place where people can donate materials that might be used in art. They have BINS full of old photographs. If you have someplace like that near you (I know there's also at least one similar place in Oakland, CA, but I don't know about other cities), they'd probably take them.
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A preschool would almost certainly take them for use in art projects.
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If you want to be sort of creative about it, you could just leave them in weird places-- inside of random library books, etc. I get a little twinge of pleasure out of creating these anarchic, mysterious little blips in the daily routine and I enjoy even more being on the receiving end!
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There's a SCRAP (Scrounger’s Center for Reusable Art Parts) in San Francisco, too. Last time I was there they were happy to take magazines and photos because teachers come in to buy cheap art supplies in bulk.
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In NYC, you can donate them to Materials for the Arts, where artists can obtain source materials for their creations...
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