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I'm interested in making my own scented tea blends with dried flowers. I'm aware that commercial scented teas utilize aromas to augment the use of flowers. Do you know of a good supplier of dried jasmine, osmanthus, rose, chrysanthemum or cherry blossom?
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Local coops and ethnic food stores tend to be great for this kind of thing, I've got each of the ingredients you mentioned and that is where all of mine came from. If you give us a city we can probably find good hunting grounds for you.
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I'm in Croatia, so I doubt you can help me with local search, but I'm interested in ordering online.
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Dried chrysanthemum will probably be easiest to find, either from a Chinese shop, or online, from eBay tea sellers. Try asking over at the TeaChat forum, or browse through their lists of online tea vendors.
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Wait...are you looking for dried flowers, or for the flavor/aromas? If it's the chemicals you are looking for, The Perfumer's Apprentice sells rose, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum and a slew of others suitable for food use.
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I'm looking for dried flowers, but this is interesting info as well, thanks.
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