VOIP vanity numbers
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Is there a VOIP service like Vonage that lets you choose your own phone number (not just the area code?) Vonage does not currently support such "vanity numbers." Note I am not trying to move a current phone number over but create a new one from scratch if it is available.

I imagine another route would be to 'buy' the phone number from a normal telco and then move it to Vonage. If the original question is not possible, does anyone have experience buying non-toll-free vanity numbers from telcos?
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Looks like SkypeIn let's you pick. Scroll down to see the example where they let the user "search among available numbers to see if one containing your favorite combination of digits is available."
posted by MsMolly at 2:32 PM on June 28, 2005

Broadvoice (I'm a customer) lets you pick the area code, and then the exchange and the number from a list of available numbers.
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