Find me a stylish, high quality flat cap
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I am looking to buy a decent flat cap. Something well-made, with traditional quality and material but not necessarily traditional in style.

I am in the UK, so anything must be available in/sendable to the UK. I am not from Yorkshire. I am not [that] old. I do not own a greyhound.

I would prefer not to wear something that was overtly branded, garish or too heavily patterned. I have had a look at the Kangol range and while I am not averse, I haven't seen anything that really tickles my fancy enough to buy right now.
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High quality? How about a traditional cashmere cap from Johnstons? Non-traditional? A cashmere baseball cap.
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No experience of wearing one, but I noticed the other day that M&S do a couple, including a pinstripe one, which is not (I think) traditional.
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I can't speak from experience, but I've been thinking of buying from these people.
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Hanna Hats are good quality, although they tend to have a decidedly old-fashioned look.
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I saw some pretty cool Stetsons in various consignment shops a few days ago when I was out hat shopping. Maybe expand your search terms online to "ivy tweed newsboy cap"?
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I have, ahem..., no less than three hats from John & Teresa Toomey. They are really friendly and will exchange anything that doesn't fit or suit you. Highly recommended.
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Love these hats, always have one or two. In the US, finding them isn't easy, sometimes -- I'm surprised you're having difficulty finding a 'cheese-cutter' in the UK. But like you, I reject anything 'overtly branded' so beware any Kangol product -- I've rejected all their flat caps I've seen because of the big logo they put on the back.
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I would suggest seeking out the kind of store that caters to the older gentleman - a gentleman's outfitter, rather than a high-street store. There was a shop where I grew up (it may no longer be there) which sold school uniforms, clothes for older men and a whole lot of flat caps, and many Northern towns have one of these. Unfortunately they're often too old-school to have any kind of useful website, though. You could try phoning and asking if they offer a mail-order service. The Grays website doesn't even mention flat caps, but I know they stock them.

The Telegraph did an article on the same caps : but it's a wee bit old now.
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I usually am in the market for (yet another) Akubra when I go to David Morgan but I see they have a couple of caps.

They are mostly catalog/online sales but having been to their shop I can attest to the personal service they offer. Plus, they hand-make all the leather whips they sell. One of these days....

Damn it, I haven't owned a cap in decades and now I want one.
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You are probably looking for a “Country Clothing” supplier, the kind of place that sells Barbour jackets to the Hunting/Shooting/Equestrian crowd. There should be plenty in the posher parts of London (well really posh parts) and also to be found online (e.g. John Norris). You could also try Laird London on New Row, Covent Garden.
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Thank you all - some great answers. I'm off to get me a hat.
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