Beautiful Afrikaans music albums
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What are some beautiful Afrikaans-language music albums? I'm looking for modern popular music that is not too folksy or religious, in addition to more timeless songs.

I have enjoyed certain songs from Laurika Rauch, Lianie May, Nianell, and Andriette, but I haven't yet found a whole album of Afrikaans music that I would enjoy listening to from start to finish. I love the style of Dutch singers Stef Bos and Pia Douwes. A Dutch or Afrikaans CD with classic songs and covers would be wonderful, but I'd also be pleased with a modern pop album, provided the lyrics are not too corny and it's not in the gospel vein. Do you have any suggestions?
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Best answer: I personally like Gert Vlok Nel (Album), but he might be too folksy for you...
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I'll be interested in the answers too (I'm afraid it's going to be a very short list!) but you might like Die Heuwels Fantasties.

In the meantime I'd recommend listening to some tracks by Nibs van der Spuy - a South African singer/songwriter who writes mainly in English but has a very definite SA vibe. Beautiful stuff.
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Off the track, American singer Jim Reeves recorded many songs in Afrikaans. Here's an explanation and a few samples:
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