My hair is gay, please come out of the closet
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Looking for a good alternative lifestyle haircut in Seattle.

The person who normally cuts my hair got offered a really awesome new another state. I've gone to a two different people and both times got terrible haircuts. The first person did such a bad job I almost started crying in the chair. Seriously, it was bad. The next person wouldn't cut my hair as short as I wanted, even after I told her to cut away. I like to keep my hair pretty short, I'm not worried about it being too short. I tend to alternate between wearing my hair in a faux hawk and a pomp type thing.

Things I am looking for:
-someone who uses a razor for the majority of the cut
-has cut short hair before
-understands what an alternative lifestyle haircut is
(by alternative lifestyle I mean I like ladies and I want my hair to show that)

I live near Everett, but don't mind going into Seattle to get my hair cut (in fact it gives me an excuse to spend a day in the city). Thanks a ton!
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I have been very happy with my asymmetrical lezzie haircuts from Sage at Rudy's in Ballard. She has a facebook group/fan page called Sage the Barber.

Bonus: super affordable!
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Not Seattle-specific (I live in California) but everything in your criteria list save the last item sounds like exactly what you'd find in a barber shop. In a lot of those places the haircutters don't necessarily even have a clue how to cut hair in "girly" styles and if you can specify the cut you want with a number (or very basic name) I'd bet you'd get exactly what you wanted.

[I (girl-person) used to go to the barber's with my dad and brother sometimes growing up and my brother used to walk out with the same cut every time after asking for a "boy's regular". And I share your frustration with salon-types: while I decided to grow my hair out again (it's shoulder-length now) I had a hell of a time getting stylists to cut the back as short as I wanted, as for some reason they were intent on keeping it "feminine", which I didn't and don't give a flip about. I had to be all "NO REALLY, USE THE RAZOR PLZ" and sometimes I even brought sketches!]
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I feel sure that Vain could help you out there. (I haven't asked for supershort cuts, but I have asked for all of my hair to be fire engine red, and they delivered.) You can go through the stylists pages and see who mentions razor cuts and short hair.
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Was just coming here to recommend Vain. What you're describing is pretty much what they do. It's a fun place, and the people are seriously nifty.
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I also recommend Vain. My stylist is Kellianne and I love her, but seriously there are so many great stylists there. Just call and explain what you want in a stylist and they will match you up with someone.
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Lancer at Emerson Salon is my favorite- the ONLY person I will let touch my hair (I have a literal phobia about getting my hair cut; it's tailbone length and I had someone butcher it about 10 years ago). I know he uses the razor for shorter cuts (he's cut my husband's hair before too) and he is VERY alternative lifestyle/hairstyle friendly on all sides of the fence and active in the community. He specializes in short hair cuts with a "butch" edge, and is also AMAZING at coloring.
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Make sure to take along photos that depict you with the haircut you're after. No clearer way to let a new stylist know what you're thinking.
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I'm not quite in your situation, but I can second the recommendation of Lancer Forney. (Facebook)
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I recommend Raven at his shop of the same name.
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I used to go to Vain. It's a notch above Rudy's. Nothing wrong with Rudy's though.
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aecorwin has the right idea. If you are absolutely set on having your hair cut with a razor (I won't question your desires, but you should know this is an unusual request), the magic term is "hot shave." This is what men ask for when they want the whole badger-hair brush, silver-chased straight razor dog and pony show, and the barbers who do hot shaves are the only people I would trust to use a razor on me. (I speak from experience, having been cut multiple times by inept barbers trying to trim my sideburns with razors.)

But here's the catch: barbershops that still offer hot shaves tend to be pretty traditional places, and I doubt they'll have any idea what an "alternative lifestyle haircut" is. (I don't even know what that is, and I know a fair number of lesbians.) You should probably bring a photograph of exactly the haircut you want, from multiple angles.
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Razor haircuts are very different from a hot shave.
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Thank you so much for all of the recommendations, please keep them coming!

roger ackroyd is right about the razor haircuts, but I would like my hair much shorter than the pictures (also a bit less femme). I am not looking for barber shop style cuts. Tradition men's barber cuts look really really bad on me. They just don't seem to work out. Hot shave is definitely out of the question.
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Rosanna at the Pro Club, of all places, can do what you want. She even had a fauxhawk for a while. Costs a mint but worth every penny.
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I don't know about razors (you could call and ask) but I can't see any of your other requests being a problem at Rudy's, especially if you went to the Capitol Hill location.
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