Mmmm, tonic water my favorite.
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I like the taste of tonic water, but don't like all the sugar and carbonation. What else can I try?

I'm not a supertaster, but I can tell the difference between quinine and quinine hydrochloride in supermarket tonic waters (I prefer quinine). And I've been drinking diet tonic water as less sugar is preferred. Please, non-alcoholic beverages only, also I don't drink coffee or tea.

I've recently started adding a tablespoon of vinegar to a 1 liter of water. And, while, I like the taste of it I'm looking to expand my options.
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Club soda with lemon.
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What about getting some Tonic syrup and mixing it with flat water?

You can get tonic syrup at a bunch of different price points - from artisan syrup to mass-market SodaStream stuff.
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You can buy tonic syrup, or make your own and use less sugar than the recipe specified.
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Whenever I get a bottled soda, I open it, take a swig, squeeze all the air out of the bottle, recap, and shake. Repeat until proper carbonation level is achieved.
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Buy a SodaStream or equivalent and make your own tonic water.

Or, make your own non-alcoholic Campari soda.

Or, drink Aperol, which has a measly 3% alcohol.

In my experience, vinegar water works best when you use apple cider vinegar and the water is hot. Maybe with a little honey, maybe not.
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Or, Sanbitter (or Chinotto).
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If you like plain vinegar water, you will probably also like shrubs, because they are delicious. Shrub syrup (basically vinegar with natural flavoring and some sugar) is usually mixed with sparkling water but can just as easily be mixed with plain water.

Depending on how strict your non-alcoholic condition is, consider bitters also. Though bitters are quite alcoholic by themselves, just a few drops in a glass of water give a nice flavor. Also, kombucha -- very minor alcohol content, tasty vinegar-ish flavor. It is tea-based, but can be made with white or green tea, if you drink those.
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Water, water, water is the best.
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You could try adding a few dashes of bitters to flat water. Bitters technically contain alcohol, but since you'd only be adding perhaps a teaspoon to a glass, it's a non-issue unless you are a recovering alcoholic or teetotaler.

Angostura bitters are the most common, at least in the US, but there are a whole bunch of varieties that incorporate different flavorings. Quinine is a common ingredient in bitters, which suggests you might like it.
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I've had these blood orange bitters before, they're great. Non-alcoholic, too. Try them mixed with some club soda.
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A caveat on the 'make your own tonic' recipe. Using the listed amount of citric acid makes it absurdly acidic (pH way below 2, so going into car battery acid territory), which I guess is why they also add so much sugar/agave nectar - so if you want something less sweet, you probably also want to reduce the citric acid.
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If you like vinegar in water, you might love sekanjabin, although you may want to decrease the sugar and keep it on the sour side. The cucumber is an optional garnish, and if you don't have fresh mint, you can use dried.
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Flavored sparking water and juice is a new favorite of mine; you could go use half lime or lemon juice or lemonade, sparking water for a more tart drink (I use go w/ cranberry juice and lime sparkling water, or apply juice and raspberry sparking water for sweeter).
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San Pellegrino with a wedge of lime.

If you like the taste of Campari, as has been suggested above, San Bitter or Aperol diluted with club soda and ice is a great non/low alcoholic drink.

There are also flavored generic club sodas at the supermarket that they basically add a touch of lemon, lime, or whatever essence/oil to flavor it with no calories.
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True Lime powder added to water is nice.
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seconding bitters...and omg, the concept of blood orange bitters sounds ah-mazing! want.
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Have you tried diet tonic? It's awesome! I drink rather a lot of it, actually.
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Shrubs: I do love my rhubarb so I start that one right away.

Sekanjabin: I don't know that'll I dip any lettuce in it, but cucumber and mint does sound refreshing.

I'll look around for tonic syrups, though it seems they have alot of sugars in them. I might try making my own if I ever find some powdered cinchona bark.
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I recently fell in love with pomegranate molasses, which is essentially pomegranate juice, greatly reduced. It has a bitter, piquant flavor that does not disappoint with sparkling or even flat water. You can find it at your local Whole Foodsy type place or in Middle Eastern groceries.
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