Chinese calligraphy framing in Nova/DC
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Chinese calligraphy framing in the Northern Virginia or DC area.

I've recently come across a piece of calligraphy that I would like to have framed. It is written on the typical soft chinese calligraphy paper. I would like to have it be straightened out and framed into the scroll form. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck finding such a place. I currently live in DC and wouldn't mind traveling out to Maryland or Northern Virginia for such a thing. Also since this is my first time doing it, would someone with experience give me an idea for the time frame and cost of such a job? Thanks.
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Sweet Ink Calligraphy, Framing, and Engraving is near Eastern Market--I haven't been, but I do walk past the place all the time. If they do what their name says, then you might have some luck there.
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