Where can I move a nerdy afternoon party at short notice?
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Emergency alternate boardgame location in Brooklyn (Park Slope area)?

I am supposed to have my birthday party at home, tomorrow afternoon. However, I've become embroiled in a plumbing emergency -- although it seems to be in remission right now, the toilet might not be functioning properly tomorrow afternoon, and a plumber might come to take apart the toilet during the party.

Either could interfere with the scheduled party.

I need a contingency plan, another nearby space I can go to that could accommodate a bunch of people drinking beer and playing boardgames. I would rather not rent out a space, as that's expensive and probably hard to do at short notice.

Is there like an area bar with a lot of space that would not be too busy on a Sat. afternoon? Who should I talk to about this?

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Best answer: Try Pacific Standard on 4th ave. They have a large back room where they do trivia and stuff.

Union Hall is an obvious one that comes to mind.
High Dive is nearby and isn't big or anything but might be less crowded.

I live around Prospect Heights and Hot Bird has some decent space at Vanderbilt and Atlantic
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Best answer: I think Freddy's might work. They probably won't be too crowded in the afternoon, and there's a decent amount of space in there.
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Best answer: Try Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain. They have a back room they rent out for parties - it has a large table, books lining one wall, and lots of board games.
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Best answer: Union Hall is a good general recommendation for that part of Brooklyn.

If you're closer to Prospect Heights, Washington Commons has booths and is rarely crowded on weekend afternoons - though it's not nearly as large as Union Hall.

If you're more toward Gowanus, Lowlands or Bar Great Harry might work, with the caveat that I'm not sure what their weekend day hours are.
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(Ignore my reply, just saw you didn't want to pay for the space.)
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Best answer: Halyards at 6th Street and 3rd Avenue might work. They have a couple of long tables in the front that are perfect for board gaming. It's usually quiet in the afternoon (but I'd definitely call to check that they'll be open). Bonus: they have a pool table!
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Best answer: Dram Shop has board games, but it's hit or miss when it comes to crowds.
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Best answer: Pacific Standard is probably your best bet, so I second that. The back room has lots of tables than can be put together and I've seen people playing board games there in the past. It would be my first choice.

I think Dram Shop is a bad choice, although if you get one of the few booths and have roughly 8 people, it would be perfect (although it can get loud).

Lowlands is a good choice too in that it will probably be pretty empty in the afternoon.

I think Union Hall might not be the best bet either, unless you can get the back space behind the bocce ball lanes. There is a good change they would already be reserved however.

A little further south is Buttermilk, which will probably be somewhat quiet in the afternoon. It is pretty boring there, but if all you need is some space, than it would probably work.

Caveat: I don't know the afternoon hours at all these places, but I believe they all would be open during the afternoon.
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Best answer: I can't imagine all the booths in the back part of Union Hall being taken on a Saturday afternoon. I had 5-10 friends for my birthday on a Wednesday night last spring, with no advance notice, and we had a booth and a bunch of extra chairs, easy.
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Best answer: What about Tea Lounge?
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Response by poster: Thanks all! The plumber is actually here now (pre-party) so inshallah I will not need to use any of these plans but if necessary I will hit up Dram Shop or Union Hall.
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