Searching for Lady Things in LA!
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Hello savvy LA lady shoppers, male or female! My sister's boyfriend is visiting LA and would like to scope out some local lady stores/boutiques (clothes, jewelry, accessories) for a gift for my sister. He doesn't have a car, is in Venice, and can get to Santa Monica. Any suggestions for good places to hit?
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Lots of great boutiques on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Make sure he stops at Intelligentsia for great coffee in a little slice of hipster paradise.
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Yes, Abbot Kinney is the place. There are tons of great little shops along that street. Two I can highly recommend: Just Tantau--has great jewelry and accessories that are unique and artsy, but generally reasonably priced; and Altered Space Gallery, which also has nice, unique jewelry, art and other appropriate items for gifts, and is a bit higher priced usually, however I think they are having a sale this weekend.
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Does he have a price range? How old is your sister?
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Main St Santa Monica has a lot of good shops.
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Response by poster: Not sure what the price range is, but I think he's willing to spend to get her something nice. Sister is 35.
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Planet Blue in particular on Main St has really great stuff, but it isn't cheap.
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