Tracking our wellness
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Program, app or software to keep track of our company's health and wellness, incentive and benefits program?

Needs to be user friendly for beginners and experts alike with a clean and attractive interface. It'd be nice to show a graph with your personal benchmarks. I like Nike+
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*Clarification: we'd like to include an incentive program within our overall health and wellness program highlighting the benefits (prizes, better health, success stories, etc.).
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How big a company are you ? Mine outsources that stuff to Healthwaves and I think someone else (can't find it quickly on the intranet, but we just got some program where they'll send you a pedometer and you can earn $ for walking so many miles/steps etc).
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100+ employee company. I couldn't find any software / program on Healthwaves' website. Did you find the other provider?
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Ah, by outsourcing I meant they have healthwaves administer it, with an on-line login and all that to get the pedometer. I haven't signed up, so I can't speak more about it (it went live 01-Jan this year). So instead of downloading the software, you have employees enter stuff in themselves etc.

(I tossed the flyer, so I'll try to check my corp junk mail to see who actually administers it.. I asked size because my company is like 120k folks, so outsourcing makes sense.. Not sure if healthwaves or whomever would be as cost efficient for you)
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