In search of a calendar web app that requires agreement before items can be created or changed?
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Do you know of a calendar web app that requires agreement before items can be created / rescheduled?

Asking on behalf of a friend, who is looking for a web app to solve scheduling of events with kids between divorced partners. Essentially, a calendar app that both parents need to approve before any changes can be made or new events scheduled. Or, do you have any lateral thoughts / suggestions for helping divorced parents cooperate who aren't necessarily great at communicating with each other?
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So, thinking a little further, a calendar web app that allows multiple people to access it (both parents plus their children), and allows anyone to propose new entries or propose changes to entries but requires approval of two specific people (both parents) before the new item or change is made to the calendar.
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Couldn't you do this with any calendar application that allows you to "Invite" someone to a meeting?

e.g. Mom "invites" Dad to the meeting "Jane goes to Movies" at Sunday at 6pm.

If Dad "rejects" the invite, then there is no agreement.
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I thought the same thing, but I think it's also once the meeting has been agreed upon, Mom doesn't want Dad to be able to shift it to a different time or different day etc without her involvement and permission. I assume it's understood that the same will apply in reverse.
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Is this something that you could tweak Doodle to do?
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What you are asking for is a secretary. Perhaps look into virtual-assistant services that could act as an intermediary between the parties.
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Thanks all, some interesting suggestions. I don't think the exact solution exists, or if it does, it exists in some sort of paid service form as per fief's suggestion. I've opted to suggest Cozi, which is a family / community calendaring solution. I don't think this contains the feature of voting / permission requirement, however it does seem like it meets their other requirements. This is probably most in line with schmod's suggestion, so I'm marking schmod's answer as best, although I do appreciate your input as well, bottlebrushtree and fief.
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