Best free online computer science training
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What are the best free online courses to learn computer programming and technology?

My team at work would like to work on their programming skills especially in languages we are not as familiar with.

I've seen coursework at Stamford, MIT and others and was wondering if there were a few good self paced courses people could recommend.

What we are looking for:

Good courses in C / C++ / Java / CS / Javascript
Linux generate programming
Kernel programming
Microsoft technologies

I'd also be interested in good "one page" backgrounders as these technologies well
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This may be of interest. I just heard of it minutes ago -
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Codeyear is meant for people new to coding. I don't know how useful it would be for present programmers.
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There Codecademy and Lynda, off the top of my head.
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TopCoder is pretty awesome. You can study tutorials at your own pace, then, if you're feeling up to it, participate in their friendly code competitions.

You can also open up past competitions and test yourself against 100's of interactive coding puzzles.

They support Java, C++, C#, and
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In case you want to learn Haskell...

Learn you a Haskell for great good
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