Best animated GIF blogs and tumblrs.
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What are the best/funniest/most artful animated GIF-heavy blogs and tumblrs out there?

I already know about If We Don't, Remember Me and fuck yeah dementia!!1! (NSFW).
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Animals Being Dicks
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As far as "artful" gifs - a lot of "cinemagraphs" I love come from this wonderful site:
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Fairly inactively lately, but worth going through the history: This was the subject of an FPP.
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The Friday Shirk Report on Twisted Sifter offers up 20 of the weeks best images, among other things--not all are animated, but they routinely have some really good ones. They've also put together several animated GIF compilation videos.
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we invent you
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From Me, To You is a (mostly) fashion blog that has what the author calls "cinemagraphs", where are nice photos turned into subtly animated gifs. There's a lot of example in this tour of the Dogfish brewery.
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Not updated very much lately, but Tebe Interesno is a fantastic peek into a seemingly parallel universe.
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Animated Screenshots
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