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What should i see en route to berlin and amsterdam from zurich?

I am visiting family in Zurich next month. I am probably going to take the train from zurich to berlin to amsterdam and then back to zurich. So I am trying to find some stops along the way between the bigger towns to break it up. I would like to see a little of the countryside.

my ears are also open to suggestions in berlin and amsterdam too.
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Question from last year covering similar territory.
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De Veluwe area in the Netherlands is beautiful. The national park is great, and the Kroller-Muller Museum alone is worth stopping for.
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Do you already have tickets? Are you planning on going via the ICE (express) or do you prefer the slower trains? You can take wildly different routes from Berlin to Amsterdam, depending on time of day, day of week, etc. Amersfoort is along the way on some routes and is pretty cute.

Also, buy tickets on Deutsche Bahn early so you can get a reserved seat. You don't want to stand, nor get kicked out of a seat by a cranky German who has reserved that one!
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