the grungy "dun dun da dunna dun da dunna da da ... yeah" song from the 90s
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Song. Early to mid 1990s. On the UK radio all the time, especially Atlantic 252. Vaguely grunge sounding, with a "dun dun da dunna dun da dunna da da" guitar riff, followed by a pause, then a quiet/bored sounding "yeah". What was it?
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Best answer: Shine by Collective Soul?
posted by sinfony at 6:23 AM on January 5, 2012

Well, Smells Like Teen Spirit has the 'yeah'.
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Response by poster: Why yes, sinfony, 'twas that! The very song that played last century when ms scruss and I were a-courting.
(and I've never heard the last bit, 'cos Atlantic 252 used to radio edit the radio edits.)
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Could have been worse - the "rock radio" station where I was growing up edited farting noises into the pauses. This was considered the height of humour at the time.
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It's still the height of humor if you ask me.
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