Sheltered Workshops
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Is anyone out there familiar with "sheltered workshops"? If so I would be curious if you could point me in the direction of any research citations or PDFs you know about.

I have been searching my university's academic databases, but I am having trouble locating acute, detailed research, specifically on the economics of sheltered workshops, and their interaction and effect on the competitive labor market. I know this question is shamelessly academic, but I would really appreciate any help as I know the Metafilter crowd to be a group of extremely knowledgeable folks.
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This isn't exactly what you are asking for but this is the web site for a center the company I work for supports and uses for some work we have done.

You could send them an email and ask them your question.
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Again, not what you are looking for exactly...

My company employs Workabilities (Golden Valley MN) to send out promotional mailings.
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