Please give me some movies to watch to relieve my boredom
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Help me compile a small list of movies to watch. Details inside.

Currently, I'm on break from school (which is must needed) and I have nothing to do. I wish to spend my time and rekindle my love for film and cinematography. I want to make a small list of movies to watch while I am on my break, which is basically your top ten that is relevant to my request. This is also for a group of female friends that are able to enjoy the films that I do. Simply put, they won't be disgusted by your suggestions. However, I do ask that not all of your films have a plot based entirely on physical torture. We're not disturbed by it, we're just tired of the genre and lose interest in it quickly.

We prefer movies that are similar in genre to:
The Town
Requiem for a Dream
V for Vendetta

I'm gonna help thin out the herd by saying that we also prefer movies that don't involve a killer that is unstoppable or near invincible (like Jason Voorhees or some ghost). It's too unrealistic for us. A criminal that cunningly plans his crime is more our taste. Serial killer or assassination movies also fall into our preferred category, like Phone Booth and M (German classic). We also like movies like Taken.
Post-apocalyptic/dystopian movies are great as well, especially those similar to the Book of Eli or I Am Legend. In these type of movies, sci-fi is welcome. An example that we enjoyed would be A.I., Artificial Intelligence or the Sixth Element.
Zombie movies are preferred as well. We've watched a variety of amazing zombie movies, including the original and remake of Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and Dead Snow. Zombieland probably falls under the lower end of our zombie list, because the humor was too parodical in nature. Walking Dead is perfect for showing our expectations for a realistic zombie movie.
Don't be scared by our cold exterior, we also like to laugh from time to time. Most comedies are welcome, with romantic comedies being on the lower end of the scale (mainly because the ones we watched were bad). We enjoyed Robin Hood Men in Tights, and we also like dark humor.
We cry too, so depressing romances are okay (as long as the depressing is emphasized). We love movies that can make us doubt our purpose.

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Hard Candy and Teeth seem to fit though Hard Candy does have a lot of physical torture.
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Oh, and But I'm a Cheerleader is funny and purportedly a romance.
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If you've watched a lot of zombie movies, you may enjoy Shaun of the Dead.

Boondock Saints
District B13/District 13/Banlieue 13
Children of Men
The Road
The Professional
The Count of Monte Cristo
Infernal Affairs, and the American remake, The Departed

any of these you've seen before? seems like we have similar tastes.

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On the theme of depressing romance: Once
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Manhunter, Heat, Collateral and Miami Vice all seem to fit the bill, too, all directed by Michael Mann.
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Watch "Tucker and Dale Versus Evil".


The film is best enjoyed if you watch it with your pre-existing "hillbilly horror movie" expectations intact.
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Response by poster: @the man of twists and turns,
I've seen all but The Count of Monte Cristo, Boondock Saints, and Miami Vice. We in fact have similar tastes.

I've seen Jawbreaker as well. Haven't seen Once yet, I'll give them a call and ask them about it.

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil. I can tell by the title that this will be a comedy (similar in vein to the Adventures of Bill and Ted I'm guessing?)

Gotta run to the market real quick. I'll be back to answer any questions and comment on feedback.
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A mix of your requests:

Heist/crime/assassination: THE DAY OF THE JACKAL (1973), THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE (1973), RONIN (1998), RIFIFI (1955)

Comedies/black comedy: WAITING FOR GUFFMAN (1997), IN THE LOOP (2009)

Horror/zombies/torture: AUDITION (2001)*, THIRST (2010), ZOMBI 2 (1979)^

*DO NOT look up anything about this film. Best to go in completely blind. It is a Japanese film. It is best to be blindsided by the film's revelations.
^The 2 in the title is a remnant from previous marketing, no need to search out a first film.

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Cube is like nothing else I've ever seen.

But ignore the sequel.

And I'm surprised no one else has mentioned Natural Born Killers, which is pure genius, IMO.
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Oh, and The Fountain and Pi are well worth your time. Same director as Requiem for a Dream.
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Kelly's Heroes
True Grit (new one)
The Game
Hearts of Darkness (Documentary of the making of Apocalypse Now)

also everything else thus far.
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The Vanishing (the 1988 Dutch version, NOT the American remake with Kiefer Sutherland, which changed the ending).
Near Dark (an early Katheryn Bigelow vampire movie. Might suffer a bit from 'ha ha 80s fashion', but it's good and has a lot of dark humor). Bigelow's Strange Days might also fit your bill.
Pitch Black (don't let Vin Diesel scare you off-- it's atmospheric and scary fun).
If you're open to older black and white, Hitchcock all about the clever villains and suspenseful plots. Strangers on a Train has a wonderfully creepy performance by Robert Walker.
Peeping Tom (1960) is notorious for having 'ruined' the director's (Michael Powell) career. It's about a voyeuristic serial killer.
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Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me
Inland Empire
Blue Velvet
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The Third Man.
High and Low.
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Pontypool. Great acting, pacing, music, and sound design with a touch of gory horror and a lot of intriguing ideas.

Seconding Cube.
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Have you watched old John Woo movies, specifically Hard Boiled?

What about Oldboy?

Three Kings and The Limey, if you've got some 1999 gaps to fill. The Usual Suspects if you haven't seen it.

Did you see the recent Casino Royale remake?
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Sympathy For Lady Vengeance
Battle Royale
(which is like a spoof on wilderness horror genre)

On preview: Lady Vengeance is part of the Vengeance Trilogy that Oldboy is part of.
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seconding: memento! blue velvet! tucker and dale vs. evil! battle royale! alfred hitchcock!

and also, best post-apocalyptic/dystopian sci fi movie ever: blade runner. sorry, didn't say it loud enough. blade runner!
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A Clockwork Orange
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Zombie (1979)
Jacob's Ladder
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On the sci-fi dytopian track, beautifully filmed, acted and scored: Moon (2009)
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Depressing romance + bonus dystopia: Never Let Me Go
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In the Line of Fire
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nthing Pontypool!
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Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009)

Crime + romance, with a unique twist. It will skillfully keep your attention.
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Cube is really good. Hitchcock's "Frenzy" is an underrated gem. Others: "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "Bitter Moon" for the depressing romance angle, "Infamous" (also has a terrific director commentary, surprisingly), "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and the Swedish version of "Let the Right One In."
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Dark humor: To Die For
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Black Swan
Lucky Number Slevin
Amelie (if you know French/don't mind subtitles)
American Beauty (I assume you've seen this, but in case you haven't)
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* Manchurian Candidate, either the Frankenheimer or the Demme-directed version.
* White Heat
* Double Indemnity (Stanwyck/MacMurray version; if there's another version, ignore it)
* On the Waterfront
* To Live And Die In L.A.
* Lair of the White Worm
* The Haunting (with Julie Harris)
* Kiss Me Deadly
* Black Book (Verhoeven)
* Vertigo

Girlie list that some guys also enjoy - not sure if your group is all women:
* All That Heaven Allows (Douglas Sirk)
* Imitation of Life (another Sirk; there is a '30's version but check out the Sirk first)
* Waterloo Bridge
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If you like The Town, you should probably be watching The Departed, or even closer, Gone Baby Gone.

Memento also seems like a good fit.
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Why not go with directors rather than movies? See who made your favourite ones and check out the rest of the stuff they have made?

Nevertheless, with V for Vendetta in mind, one piece of forgotten brilliance is Vidocq. (Stupid but english) trailer.
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[•rec] & [•rec]² are fabulous, realistic 28 Days Later-style zombie films with a touch of religious creepiness. From Spain.

Hostel & Hostel 2 are also in the Saw genre (I guess). A little rough for my tastes, but I thought they were smart. Plus, portions of each are filmed in Český Krumlov, one of the coolest places on earth.

Both of the sequels mentioned above of films have the awesome property of beginning literally seconds after the previous film ended-- AKA "The Karate Kid II"!

Gone Baby Gone, as General Malaise suggests, is terrific.
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Angel of Khaos: Tucker and Dale Versus Evil. I can tell by the title that this will be a comedy (similar in vein to the Adventures of Bill and Ted I'm guessing?)

You are assuming a whole lot from five words, and you're ignoring BitterOldPunk's comment about "hillbilly horror movie" expectations. It's only like Bill and Ted in that both movies stars two guys in a setting that they are not completely prepared to handle. I'll leave you with that, and the IMDb page for Tucker and Dale.
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Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Lucky Number Slevin
Pitch Black
The Fountain (this movie is so amazingly beautiful, love it. not the most uh.. upbeat though)

You Kill Me (black comedy with Sir Ben Kingsley as an alcoholic hitman~)
Pan's Labyrinth
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A couple of different takes on the post-apocalyptic that I love:
Time of the Wolf
Songs from the Second Floor
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Also, A Boy and His Dog
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Hobo With a Shotgun
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Two of my faves:

Dark supernatural thriller:
Angel Heart

Dark sci-fi thriller:
Dark City
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Also: is The Sixth Element a mashup of The Fifth Element and the Sixth Sense? ;)
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Do we mind reading subtitles?
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