Cobbling a baby monitor together with random tablets..
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Does a Point to Point Video Conferencing System exist?

Im wondering if there is a cross platform app that lets you video conference over IP without a middleware server (internal or external) that lets you video chat. Our wonderful video baby monitor went on the blink and I was trying to create an adhoc one using Skype between my wife's Ipad and my Samsung Galaxy, it worked, but was choppy. I was thinking if there was one where we could connect directly to each other on our home network LAN, it would be a lot smoother. If not, this should be invented!
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Well, it's not really a Point-to-point video conferencing system you seem to want, but a one way standalone web cam with sound.

Something like this?
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Tons of wifi cams out there you can pull images and video from a laptop or even phone. Do you need to be able to talk back?
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Wifi cams would work, I was hoping to use the gadgets i have lying around the house. Im going to try setup a webcam server on my android, see if thatll suffice until my new baby monitor comes in. Thanks!
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VLC can be set up to do this. They have a version for just about any OS you can think of.
I have had mixed success with video streaming, but it is worth taking a little time to try it.
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How smooth does it really need to be? Put a clock in the frame so you know it's actually streaming.
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