Where to stay in Banff or Jasper in June
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Planning a trip to the Banff/Jasper area late June-early July. Not our first, but first in 8 years or so. There was an excellent thread on MeFi in 2008 concerning accomodations, but some of the links have expired. I will be there for a milestone birthday and want to wake up somewhere amazing. Must have internet/wifi. Must be close enough to amenities that if the weather is abysmal, we'll still have nice things to do within slogging distance. Don't want to spend a milliion bucks, but are willing to shell out for somewhere which is worth the money.
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The Banff Springs Hotel is a lovely old luxury hotel in the middle of town. Also a good spot for a drink or dinner if it's not what you're looking for in a hotel.
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We stayed at the Patricia Lake Bungalows when visiting Jasper last fall and it was the most amazing view. It's a five-minute drive to downtown Jasper.

In Banff, the "stunning view" hotels are probably the Rimrock or the Banff Springs, but they are accordingly expensive. Most of the other hotels in town have some mountain view rooms and some less impressive view rooms, so you would have to make that request upon booking.
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I stayed at the Chateau Lake Louise last summer and woke up overlooking Lake Louise, which is a pretty nice view. In case of crappy weather, the hotel probably doesn't have all of the amenities of the Banff Springs (I was there for a conference, so I didn't have a lot of spare time), and there's not much to do in town, but worst case, you can drive to Banff in under an hour.
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Response by poster: Currently, I'm thinking of splitting the time between our old standby, Hidden Ridge at
Tunnel Mountain, and the Patricia Lake Bungalows (thanks for alerting us to this one!)
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Check into accommodations in Canmore as well. Personally, I was less than thrilled with the touristy aspects of Banff. The three times I've been up there I've been in town for only a few days (and mostly out with Yamnuska). It has definitely built up, but it provided me with a modicum of privacy I failed to find in Banff. Last time I stayed at the Grand Rockies Resort - which was a bit of overkill for being in town for two nights as bookends for my trip, but the on the return end - the spa made the stay more than worthwhile. Also the restaurant was top notch.

Another thing about Canmore for me is that the views have traditionally been pretty unobstructed - unlike Banff. I won't lie, the views have changed since I started going in '99 as the town has exploded in popularity, but - wow - its been worth it.
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We loved the Alpine Village in Jasper.
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