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Yahoo mail password anomaly.

I recently changed my yahoo mail password. When I log in now it often - not always - kicks me to the 'confirm password' page ( the one with the 'type the characters from this box in the space below' security precaution.)

It says that this page is programmed to appear after 5 failed attempts at entry, so does it mean someone is trying to guess my password?
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I didn't change my password, and it does the same thing to me every time my 24-hour login expires. If I uncheck the "remember me on this computer" box, it goes away, though now I need to re-login every time I close my browser.
posted by cardboard at 4:04 AM on June 28, 2005

Delete your cookies, quit your browser, and try again. Or have you already tried?
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I;ve tried all that.

The problem happens on my home PC and the one at work.
posted by the cuban at 5:49 AM on June 28, 2005

If it makes you feel any better, the same thing is happening to me, even though I didn't change my password. It only seems to happen in Firefox, so maybe it's some kind of glitch (he says hopefully).
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Try deleting saved passwords in your browser.
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I was mysteriously completely locked out of my Yahoo mail account, and went to the reset password page where I had to guess which address I used to sign up for the account originally. After I picked a "new" password, it started working again. But I was sweating bullets for a few days.
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It happens to me off and on - about once a month. Keep on entering the correct password, and I get in on the 3rd attempt. Or I change the browser and restart > bingo.

But I hate to think what happens if someone gets hold of my account. Beware of keyloggers on public computers.
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The fact that it started when I changed my password is what's making me suspicious.

It is as if some got hold of the password pre-change, maybe with a keylogger, and is trying to get in still.

But... if I close the browser and reopen, I do not get the 'confirm password' screen. This suggests it is cookies related.

Oh well :)
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