Help get Stagge Llee kicked in the face, Thai style.
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Kickboxing classes in Thailand?

I'm looking for really good week long muay thai seminar in Thailand, for a beginner with previous fighting experience in other styles.

In a perfect world it would be resort style with food and accommodations included, and intensive training for the week. Credible, highly qualified trainers are a must of course, otherwise what's the point in going to Thailand for it?

The goal is to learn the basics of kickboxing, do some real sparring, and have fun. Money isn't an issue yet, those details can be sorted out later.

I've googled this, but can't tell the good and credible from the pointless wastes of time and money. I see that there was a previous post on this, but it's old and didn't tell me much.
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Rob Cox at Kiatphontip would be my choice. Great level of instruction, farang friendly, not too many distractions around the camp.

Fairtex Bangplee and Fairtex Pattaya are both excellent, but a bit expensive.

Sinbi on Phuket is good - bonus there is you can meet and experience the wonder that is Saenchai. In a just world he'd be on Thai banknotes.
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Wow I spelled my name really badly in the title.
Thanks. I should also have mentioned that I certainly don't speak Thai.
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mai pen rai.. english is widely spoken at the camps i've mentioned.
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