MarvinSketch/ChemDraw Alternatives
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Chemistry professors/authors - is there a more student friendly but web based (plug-in free) alternative to MarvinSketch out there other than ChemDraw?

MarvinSketch is powerful but it requires too many updates and plug-ins and ultimately it is a tool for professionals, not for students/undergrad education. I'm looking for a robust tool that has a very quick, non-steep learning curve, is developed specifically for students, and does NOT require a plug-in or frequent updates. I know the general list of apps out there, but I'd like some ideas that are maybe out of left field or some insight into what's great about the non-ChemDraw alternatives. Thoughts in general are welcome as well.
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I find ChemDraw pretty intuitive for what I use it for (mostly just molecular drawing). I've also used HyperChem for molecular drawing and then some, and found it perhaps a little easier to use than ChemDraw. I don't know if HyperChem is on the "general list of apps".

IAACU (I am a chemistry undergrad).
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