HP Deskjet 845C Shoots Blanks - Yikes
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Printer keeps shooting out paper - not printing

Inherited an HP 845c which looks spanking new, downloaded the driver onto XP - it's got ink - but I can't get it to print. All it does is shoot paper out the rear. Can't even print a test page.

1 - Can someone help me figure this out?
2 - Is there an online forum for printer geniuses?

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Did you install the driver off a CD that came with the printer, or use the driver posted on the HP website?

Either way, unplug the printer USB cable from the computer, uninstall the printer software from Control Panel => Add and Remove Programs, and start over using the driver and instructions linked above. Most of the time, taking a second run at the driver install will correct any software problems.

However, that model printer is effectively an antique. Whatever its apparent condition, I believe that model will be over 10 years old, so it would be no surprise whatsoever that it's physically broken. The good news is you can obtain an analogous printer brand new for as little as $30
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Shooting out the rear? You are missing the back panel thing. It's where the duplexer goes if you have one.
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It's not there. Is there any way to improvise?
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The DJ 845c does not have a duplexer option. The paper should be fed in the front and spat out the front, so that the finished print lands on top of the stack of blank paper waiting to be printed, but separated by a plastic tab to avoid re-feeding the same paper. If paper is going out the backside, your printer is broken and there is no practical or cost-effective way to fix it.
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One thing to rule out the computer, try printing a factory test page. (I think for these older printers, you simply hold the power button in while turning it on for about 5-10 seconds). If it prints correctly, then it's likely a driver issue and not the printer itself.
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Yeah it's missing the back panel. Oh well. Thank you.
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Double check the product number (probably on the bottom of the printer, near the serial number), but this link says the rear door is indeed a separate part, as p/n C6506-60036. Might be one on ebay?

There might be a whole broken printer on there for cheap, and you can just use its door to fix your (hopefully) working one.
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