how to set up kids business selling homemade crafts
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a bunch of 4th graders want to raise money by selling crafts they make. I want to know more about this kind of kids business.

My kid and over 10 friends want to do crafts (knitting, crochet and other crafts) to make money to donate. They are starting to prepare for it and plan to use the summer to run this "business". I hope to get more understanding on this so that parents can help them set up this business. Any example websites that are selling crafts? any tax or other issues? what web hosting service to use? If there are step by step guide for setting up this kind of business, I'd be thrilled to get. Also people who know crafts, what kind of things are easier to sell? Thanks for any advice.
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If they really want to sell things properly, Etsy is the biggest online craft sales place - you would need to set it up as a 'collective' account, and they have specific details about a charitable shop.
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My friends' kid did this and they did a FAQ.

It appears that most of the buyers have been friends/family of his parents who put it on their Facebook pages. But he also goes to his local craft fairs I suppose.

I think that they considered doing something on Etsy but it wasn't worth the investment into a store.
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Do you know about Junior Achievement? They might have some good information for you.
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