Media about media?
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Looking for blogs, podcasts, or other online content that cover media theory/media studies.

I am looking for web sites, blogs, podcasts, etc. focused on theories of media/media studies. Currently I follow a couple of blogs rooted in the media ecology tradition but there must be other perspectives on media out there.

What I am looking for: Conceptual considerations of the relationship between media/ICT and individuals and society at large, research in media effects, commentary on the effects of media form rather than content.

What I am not looking for: Reviews, news coverage analysis, people talking about tv shows, etc.

I found a somewhat related question from 2008, although I am not interested in literary theory and am hoping for more recent suggestions. Any recommendations are appreciated.
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Media Know All
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CBC radio has an interesting show called Spark. Quoting from their "About" page, "It’s not just technology for gearheads, it’s about the way technology affects our lives, and the world around us."
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These podcasts are not specifically about Media Theory, but often they do touch on the conceptual considerations you note (browse the archives):

Little Atoms
On The Media
Creative Technologies Review

Let us know some of your current sources!
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You might find some good stuff in Moving Image Source.
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What are some of the blogs you are reading? I don't have a great answer to this question, but I'm interested in the same things and would like to know.

That said, I really enjoy reading whatever Maria Bustillos posts at The Awl.
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Response by poster: Mike Plugh's blog and Figure/Ground Communication both approach media theory from the media ecology tradition (heavy on McLuhan, Honestly I'd like to see perspectives that weren't rooted in the academy or in the media ecology literature.
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On the less academic/more silly side of media criticism, copyranter can be a fun read.
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