Publishing a magazine electronically - who should I be asking?
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I'm helping a Chinese magazine put out an electronic English edition. In addition to the Kindle and Apple iVenues, what are other platforms where we should be distributing this? They're hoping to achieve as wide a paid readership as possible without having to pay impossible listing fees. It's a magazine on the Chinese advertising industry. Are there any advertising industry-specific platforms I should be aware of?
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ePub and PDF, if you're not already planning to do one or both, are good formats that will generally work across multiple platforms.
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Response by poster: Of course, but the question isn't formats, it's where to distribute them! Beyond Kindle & Apple, where else should I tell them to list?
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Not platforms, per se, but try and advertise on the blogs and newsletters that deal with your target industries and get a high readership from people in those industries. This might involve becoming active in the discussions on blogs (posting quality, engaging comments, and having a signature at the bottom of each post with the magazine's name and a link. It might also just involve paying somebody to put up banner ads on those sites. Perhaps both.
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Kobo is a relatively popular platform, at least in Canada.
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