What was this geometric creature builder website?
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Several years ago, I saw a website with a fun little flash or javascript applet thingy where you could build little tensegrity structure creatures, then have oscillating movements applied to the pieces, so that the structures would seem to "walk". I don't remember what it was called! From memory, one of the simpler structures looked sort of like this. What was it? Is it still online?

I'm pretty sure there were sliders to adjust the frequency/amplitude of the oscillations, gravity/friction, etc. I was describing this to a friend who sort-of remembered it too, so I don't *think* I'm making this up. Maybe the website started with an S? Maybe it had "pod" in part of the name? I don't know. Help me, Metafilter!
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Fantastic Contraption
posted by jquinby at 12:00 PM on January 3, 2012

Best answer: Was it Sodaplay?
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Best answer: Sodaplay?
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Response by poster: Sodaplay! Thank you, Internet :)
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