How to get rid of my Virgin America points?
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What's the best way for me to sell my unwanted Virgin America Elevate frequent flier points?

After moving to a city that VX doesn't fly to, I want to get rid of the more than $500 in frequent flier credits that I can't really use any longer. I just found out that I can book travel in anyone's name, but I don't know anyone around me who uses Virgin America.

Is there some site online that facilitates these kinds of trades? I've tried using, but their service fees are actually greater than the value of the points, bizarrely enough.
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2 results lower than this askme on google for "sell virgin america points" is this link.
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Response by poster: Yes, I saw that, but it doesn't look very legitimate to me.
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Ask the travel nerds. Flyertalk is the repository for this kind of information.
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Unfortunately what you want to do is against the terms of the frequent flier program. You are unlikely to find anyone willing to help you at flyertalk, even though they are very helpful about most other things.

If you get caught by the airline they can confiscate your points. If someone on the internet scams you, you will have no recourse, since you can't complain to the airline.

Your best bet is to find someone you trust who was already planning to make a trip with VX.
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