No more tights!
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Where does a lady get a functional, day-to-day garter belt — either on the internet or in SF? I'm ready to be done with tights and their long-leg hating ways.
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Best answer: Dollhouse Bettie in the Upper Haight should have both belt and hose.
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Sockdreams. (They have a good range from no-nonsense to lingerie-lacy.)
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Seconding Sockdreams. They also have thigh-high stockings that are securely elasticized at the cuffs so you wouldn't need a belt in the first place.

although the belts are mad sexy, yo.
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Honestly, I got a few great garter belts at Macys recently. Tip: Look on the clearance racks for some great bargains. Like less than $10!

I have a heavy duty retro style garter belt from Dollhouse Betty. Last time I wore it, the clips cut up my thighs something fierce.

Other places to look are Foxy Lady on Mission and, for your spangled drag queen needs, Piedmont Boutique on Haight. (I consider obnoxious colors and spangles everyday wear. YMMV.)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Sockdreams doesn't seem to have much and none in my size in stock. (35" waist / 45" hips, so I guess I am looking plus size?)
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You're just a bit smaller than me, and my Macy's belts are all XL, from the straight sizes section.
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Hips and Curves is my goto spot for plus size lingerie. I am mostly size 14, which puts me in the "plus size" category for lingerie/hosiery. Hips and Curves does seem to have some functional garter belts. (Maybe this one?)

I do have this garter belt from Sock Dreams, which is sized by waist. If you check back, it might be back in stock in a couple of weeks.

(Actually, I might be linking the exact same item in two places? At least Hips & Curves seems to have it in stock.)
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You could do worse than checking out Stockingirl and the semi-industrial 1940's retro Rago.
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Best answer: No kidding, Sockdreams is really low on stock, and not just in the plus sizes. Wonder if they are going out of business soon?

Anyway, couple tips about garters and stockings: For everyday use, you will want metal, rather than plastic, clasps to hold the stockings in place. Plastic ones look pretty and are just fine for sexytimes, but they won't hold up under regular wear.

Garter belt models in the U.S. wear the suspenders over the panties, to show off the pretty stockings and garter belts. They look nice that way. My European friends who regularly wear garter belts will fasten the straps so that they are underneath the panty, so that you can easily use the restroom, etc., without having to fool around with the garter belt. If you are going to be wearing these all the time, that's something to consider.

Of course, you can always just go without any panties at all, and solve the problem that way, too.

I'm not plus sized, but I am a leggy, tall girl (5'9"). I almost always order pantyhose a size up to get them to work with my height. Stocking brands also vary in length and you can only adjust the clasps so much (sometimes the M/L stockings only come up just above my knees! Not good for a shorter skirt).

Surprisingly, Victoria's Secret's store brands used to be the best bet for me for longer length stockings. Leg Avenue was really inconsistent so I could never be sure which size to buy (the most expensive ones were the *worst*!).
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If you look around you can still find Scantihose, not the new kind by Charnos, but the originals from the 80s. These had hooks instead of nibs, and the top of each stocking had a corresponding eye for each hook. Only one garter on each side. So simple.
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I meant to say, if you look around on eBay. They're no longer manufactured in their original form.
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> No kidding, Sockdreams is really low on stock, and not just in the plus sizes. Wonder if they are going out of business soon?

They just had a huge sale; I'm guessing that's why they've run out of some things.
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I asked a related question a while back. I have had great results with the Vermont Country Store garter belt since.
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Lady Grace ( also sells garter belts in waist sizes up to 54". While we're at it, LG is also great for all the freaky foundation garments you thought went our in the 60s but, lo and behold, are still in production (panty girdles, anyone?)

I am a plus sized dame and have had good luck getting thigh high stockings from Sock Dreams and from Torrid.

Good luck! Love the garter thing.
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I bought from StockingStore a while back and was pleased with the quick (international) postage and the quality of the product.

I bought this satin 6 strap garter belt. It's got nice strong metal clasps. I did shorten the elastic on the front pair of clasps (I'm short!) and I also shortened the elastic at the waist (big hips, small waist).
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Oh yeah, and I wear it daily. Definitely worth the money.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much! I will investigate these many options and check back in. But I needed an excuse to go to the Haight this weekend so Dollhouse Bettie will likely be the first stop. That way I can try things on too. And misha, thanks for the tall girl recs — not only am I a 14/16, but I am also 5'9".
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I own garter belts, but I've found that roll on body adhesive works very well and is more comfortable. I use it with stockings and thigh high socks from Keeps them in place all day, and a washcloth removes any sticky residue easily. I stick with a garter belt for dressier occasions (dates), but the body adhesive is my go-to for work days.
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